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Designing paths for better care with Clarify Health

The Challenge

Clarify Health Solutions reached out to us to design an interface that would empower patients through their surgery and recovery experience, and help them stay connected to their care team throughout the experience. Clarify is working on a suite of products to connect doctors, hospital administrators, and patients, with the end goal of creating a more efficient, cost-effective, better result for everyone. Achieving high patient engagement is the key to the success of their entire ecosystem, and a particularly difficult challenge with their target audience of users age 65 and up, so this was the focus of our work.

We supported Clarify through the entire ideation-to-market lifecycle, researching user needs; establishing the service model; defining the requirements, brand and design language; and designing mobile and web experiences for patients, providers and healthcare leaders.

The experience solidified our understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities encountered when designing for aging populations.

The Solution

By connecting multiple systems, Clarify can improve the experience for everyone by empowering and informing. Data collection from patients helps doctors perform better and administrators track overall performance and finances. Connecting patients and their care team enables patients to be better informed about their own experience and recovery, and feel more listened to and cared for. Giving patients more information and tools for tracking their experience helps them be more active participants in their recovery process, and will hopefully lead to better, faster results. Better, faster patient results will make hospitals and the whole healthcare system more efficient and cost less.

The Impact

We greatly refined and developed Clarify’s initial concept into a full blown product ready to go to market. Our user research especially had an impact, shifting the focus of their product and demonstrating the need for both an app and web experience.

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