Extend and Deliver

Helping entertainment clients tell their stories

Big Tomorrow has worked with top brands in the entertainment industry, from movie studios and theme parks to various television and media networks. Our role in these projects tends to fall into two areas: conceptual development and executions that build on a creative vision or narrative, and interface design that enhances the user experience for audiences wherever they connect with content.

Extending the concept

While it’s fun to create things out of thin air, our entertainment partners have typically come to us with creative needs around a film release, a park extension, a character franchise or other existing platform. These are challenges we love. Knowing the value of these brand assets, we work swiftly and thoughtfully to fully understand the creative vision and to respect the parameters of our exploration. Then we go nuts! : ) We’ve helped our clients and their extended creative teams expand storylines into the digital space, introduce new characters, develop toys and other products, and much more.

Delivering a memorable experience

We believe that how a person experiences entertainment can make or break its success. We work closely with clients to understand how an audience should feel when they engage with the brand. Defining these experience principles helps us build seamless, intuitive interfaces that help evoke these feelings. From buying tickets on a smartphone app, binge watching TV shows on your laptop, or walking through the gates of a theme park, we can help you get the details right and deliver the experience you want for your guests.

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