The New Learning Curve

Building more student-centered experiences

As technology continues to change how we work and interact with each other, engaging students in the classroom and beyond becomes an increasingly difficult endeavor. At Big Tomorrow, we have been fortunate to partner with institutions at the forefront of these challenges, that are building new models of education that both honor tradition and address the needs of today’s learners.

Engaging early learners

For young learners, building a strong foundation for academic success cannot be overstated. We work with clients dedicated to making their early learning tools more accessible, intuitive and extendable. We believe the best tools in early education address both the learners as well as the parents and teachers who support them. By developing parallel design language systems that work together, we have built unified platforms that kids can understand and enjoy, and parents and teacher can easily manage.

The challenges of Higher Ed

Higher up the education ladder lie even bigger challenges. Low retention. High tuition costs. Juggling work and family. These are the obstacles facing many of today’s diverse student body. Universities must shed their bureaucratic image and build systems that simplify tasks and enable busy learners to succeed. But building a new education platform is no small task. We have helped our partners define strategies, requirements, and roadmaps that unify the organization around a single vision, design in close collaboration with technology teams to keep the vision in focus throughout development, and understand and adapt requirements to navigate trade-offs between business, technology and user goals.

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