Tomorrow’s Adventures

Exploring new and emergent products and services

One advantage to being a small design firm is that we can choose challenges, clients and industries that matter to us. We are always on the look out for new projects and partners that are leveraging technology to transform the human experience within organizations, industries and communities. Our expertise building new experiences that share knowledge, improve health and inspire imagination, offers unique perspectives for tomorrow’s adventures.

Exploring emerging fields

We are fascinated by the shared value technology can bring to business and society, and how to balance the needs of both. Lately, we’ve been dabbling in some exploratory projects to understand the potential benefit of new technologies like AR/VR and Drones on established industries like transportation and agriculture. These projects so far have been confidential, so we can’t speak to specifics, but have been gaining valuable experience in their territories and plan to pursue more.

Bringing new technology and thinking to traditional industry

Closer in than emerging technology, there are many opportunities for us to help existing industries modernize. Historically, good design is not always a priority or given skill set for many otherwise successful companies. However, as the bar continues to be raised by competitors, better technology becomes more accessible, and the public at large begins to demand a more user-friendly experience, the need for better design grows. From designing new or modernized interfaces to creating new businesses to helping promote a culture of more user-centric thinking, we are well positioned to help companies do much more for their customers.

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