The Healing Power of UX

Raising patient satisfaction in health care

Reform is afoot in the healthcare industry. Mobile apps and wearable devices are empowering people to play a more active role in their personal health, and in turn, to have higher expectations when they receive care. In addition, legislation has now put greater incentives on improving patient satisfaction. We are excited to bring our deep user experience expertise to this important field, to help both patients and the care teams that serve them.

Putting patients first

The patient stories we’ve uncovered share similar themes. While many have good one-on-one experiences with their doctor or nurse, overall patient journeys are rarely smooth. People often feel lost in the shuffle, not well informed about the steps in their treatment, and unclear on follow up details. To help deliver more humane care, we help assess where the gaps are, and design applications for staff and patients that promote easy communication and provide useful information for everyone.

Empowering care teams to shine

Patient dissatisfaction rarely reflects the abilities of care teams, but more the antiquated systems that don’t enable collaboration and communication between the different caregivers a patient may see during treatment. We build tools that connect the dots and help healthcare professionals work together more effectively. Perfect solutions don’t happen overnight. They must account for legacy systems, and understand the different motivations and pressures faced by administrators, care teams and patients. It’s an important challenge we are proud to help solve.

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